ANNIE HASLAM lyrics - See This Through Your Eyes

"See This Through Your Eyes"

Far off in the future
through a crystal ball
there is someone waiting
someone you have dreamed of
further in the future
he will take your hand
sit down right beside you
promising a lifetime
see this through your eyes

Life so far hasn't been good
but now you see a face
that shatters pieces of the past
and brings a new found peace

Take his ring of fortune
use it while you can
binding you forever
try to understand him
put the past behind your
let the man come in
don't deny your feelings
he is in your lifeline
see this through your eyes


Laying down beside you
on a shooting star
burning deep inside you
like a flame eternal
he has taken over
now he's in your soul
never dying laughter
all you ever dreamed of
see this through your eyes