"Tricks And Traps" lyrics - ANNIHILATOR

"Tricks And Traps"

Hey you, I need a friend, I hope you feel the same,
This life is sucking me dry, how do you deal with the pain
Step closer, my friend, come and hear my pitch,
I understand, just how do you feel, well ain't life a bitch

Tricks and traps, slice you to nothing
Tricks and traps, never let 'em get to you they'll
Drag you down, down to the bottom, tricks and traps, you better beware

I bring you pleasure, I'll bring you pain, I heal and disease,
Playtime, I like to ruin for fun, I'll bring you down to your knees,
Illusions and disillusions, I make them up for real
The damage is random, so believe me, it's time to kneel


Can you feel the madness, racing through the brain,
Psychedelic to the core, tell me, are we not insane
I try to make you fail, I'll put you to the test,
There's one thing, you should never forget, is that life never rests