"Movin' On" lyrics - ANTHEM

"Movin' On"

When I think about my life
I wonder if I will survive to
Live to see 25 or will I just fall?
Like all my friends they just
Keep dyin' people round me
Always crying in this place
I like to call my home

Not everybody knows that everybody
Goes to a better place Not everybody
Knows that everybody could be livin' their last days
But the hard times will come and will keep
Movin' on we're movin on keep movin on

On without the things we've lost the things
We've gained we take with us

And All I've got are these two hands To
Make myself a better man I wonder if
I'll ever see the end of this With all this
Rain it just keeps falling On my head and now
I'm calling Out to someone else to help me
Make it through

Not every body knows that everybody goes
To a better place and not everybody knows that everybody
Could be livin their last days but the hard times will come
And will keep movin on weire movin on keep movin on
-Lies-Guilt-Laugh-Cry-Live-Die some friends become your enimies
Some friends become your family make the best with what your
Given this ain't dyin' this is livin said we're movin on and we got
Nothing to prove to anyone 'cause we'll get through we're movin
On and on and on and on keep movin on Life-Hope-Truth-Trust-
-Faith-Pride-Love-Lust-Pain-Hate-Lies-Guilt-Laugh-Cry- Live- Die
Some friends become your enimies some friends become your family
Make the best with what your givin this ain't dyin this ain't livin'!