"1000 Points Of Hate" lyrics - ANTHRAX

"1000 Points Of Hate"

I hate you and you hate me
I cannot not look at you and breathe
So full of hate that I can't see
My funny vibe is hard to miss
Your ignorance can't be called bliss
I have to wash my hands of this

My mind has never been so clear
My hate for you, is one to fear
Take a good look what do you see
No friend to me, Jealously

(It's me) I know how to hurt myself
It's me that makes you hate me
It's me that tries to break free
(It's me) I know how to hurt you
It's me thaat makes a move
With what I say and what I do

You walk through life deaf, dumb and blind
But when it calls you'll have to find
Why must we all be so unkind
I can't believe it's come to this
The marks I make you can't dismiss
I have to wash my hands of this

Me, you, who is gonna get it
And you can't let it
Drive you to insanity
Me, you, who is gonna take it
When all this hate explodes
When all this hate starts to explode

Deal with the hate inside
That causes you the pain inside
That turns into the rage inside
That makes you feel like death inside