"Ramblin'" lyrics - ARETHA FRANKLIN


I've got the blues for the highway
Rambling blues, I got to go
I better start running
Because walking for me is much too slow, oh, yes it is

I'm undecided whether to go or stay
It's true I love you, baby, but I can not make it this way
Oh, baby, I just can't make it this way, oh no, I can't

You've got me worried every night and day, oh yes, I do now
Well, I'm just plain and tired sick of your funky ways, yeah

Heyeyeye, baby, yeah!
Tell them about it
I understand you

Yeah, tell them about it, yeah, oh

So long baby, baby, goodbye
I'm gonna start rambling, gonna be rambling 'till the day I die
Yeah, baby, gonna ramble, ramble, ramble, ramble
Get into something until the day I die, yes I am

Oh, so long, oh, so long
Tell them about it, tell them about it right now
So long, baby, ohohoho yeah!

Tell the story, rambling, I'm gonna be rambling
'Till the day I die, yeah, oh yeah
You got it, baby, you got it
So long baby, oh