"You're A Sweet Sweet Man" lyrics - ARETHA FRANKLIN

"You're A Sweet Sweet Man"

I don't care what they say
I don't care what they do
Take all of my loving
Come on and get it
I've been loving you too long
I can't quit it
Little boy how do you do
What you do when you do it
All my love it's so doggone good

Your sweet babe
(Sweet your my sweet sugar for my honey)
Your sweet babe
(Sweet sweet baby sugar sugar honey)

You've got enough sugar
To start a sugarcane mill
And when you hold me baby
I'm thinking oh a lifetime deal
Little boy how do you say
What you say when you say it
It sounds so good I just got to ok it

(You're sweet baby)
You're a sweet man
(You're sweet baby)

When you kiss me
I have to give on in
But I tried hard not to let it show
But then you hold on and you kiss me again
Hold it right there I got to have you I swear
You can love me forever
I'm gonna hold on to your hand
You sweet sweet man
Take care, take care, take care of my heart please
Baby take care of all my needs
I'm going to hold on to your hand
'Cause baby you're a sweet man