ARLO GUTHRIE lyrics - Ocean Crossing

"Ocean Crossing"

Looked into your eyes this morning
You were far away
You must have known I was looking for you
You knew you couldn't stay
All these winds blowing on me
Blowing in the nighttime lonely
Blew on over the ocean to you
Blew my words away

Put on your heavenly shoes, babe
Walk around the clouds
You know that's where I'm bound to be now
I'm coming with the crowds
All these faces looking at me
Looking through me, I don't mind
I just seen your face a-worrying
I loved you when you cried

Take my hand across the water
You won't leave no tracks behind
Step all over the moonlit ocean
It's only in your mind
All these thoughts just rip me open
Who can heal a heart that's broken
Like the winds that blow unspoken
Blew my love away