"Get Off The Fence" lyrics - ARMORED SAINT

"Get Off The Fence"
(John Bush / Joey Vera)

Get off the fence
Free fall on one side
To meet the end
A waffle effects pride
Get off the fence
You typed out the email
Now just push send
And deal with decision made
It's consequence
So handle it right or wrong
Get off the fence
And let go of the bong
You've made your bed
So sleep in it peacefully
And get off the fence
Direct or indirectly your fault
Straddling the wall you can't have it all no
Well get off the fence
Or run the risk of being named
Fractured beat and tamed
Get off the fence
Flash a crooked smile
And then ascend
Mile after mile
Don't live like a tumbleweed
Get off the fence
Just blowing in the breeze
I'll make a bet
You'll feel much more relieved
So get of the fence
Direct or indirectly your number's called
Preparation always will help to avoid pitfalls
Get off the fence
In this kangaroo court
You can't be wishy wash
You'll never be taken serious
I little bit morally rotten
Keeps you from hitting the bottom
The dearly departed won't make a fuss no
Get off the fence
Oh the ghost of yesterday
Get off the fence
Enjoys stepping in your way
Get off the fence
Put your put your business in the street
Get off the fence
Ah take a bow at the meet and greet
Direct or indirectly you can
Face the music like a confident medicine man
In the end ain't different than now it began
Of you're on the fence
Get off the fence