"Herod" lyrics - ART GARFUNKEL


Herod the curious
Herod the curious
Herod the curious- was furious
In his Citadel on the hill
Herod the jealous one, dying without a son
Bade his soldiers drink his fill

Herod the hideous
Herod the hideous
Herod the hideous- perfidious
Lifted his demon voice evil and shrill
Loudly commanded them, "Go then to Bethlehem
All the newborn babes to kill"

And the jackals cackled "Chacka chaka chaka cha"
To think of such a lie
That the promised King of Israel was only born to die

But the rooster keeping vigil in the first still light of morning
Afar off saw a plume of dust and raised a din of warning in disgust:
"A nightmare's coming true! An army is in view!
King Herod does pursue!"

Herod vainglorious
Herod vainglorious
Herod vainglorious- victorious
Lashed his horses in wild pursuit
Closer and closer he came hate burning like a flame,
Raised his spear in mock salute

And out to the desolation of the dawning desert waste
They fled on a drowsy donkey
In confusion, yawning even in their haste.

And the animals looked on
As they faded in the dawn
And suddenly were gone

"Which way to Egypt then?
Which way to Egypt then?
Which way to Egypt then?" Joseph asked the donkey
lost in a storm of swirling sand

As from his chariot Herod Iscariot cast his eye across the land