"Slow Breakup" lyrics - ART GARFUNKEL

"Slow Breakup"

Someone cries, a sound across the room,
Words that fall, you've heard them all,
It's nothing new.
Everyone tries to give you their advice,
But nothing seems to change.
Days go by, you sleep in separate rooms,
It's nowhere with no one to tell your troubles to.
Maybe time will take away the pain,
But how long can you wait?
Slow Breakup,
You're left with no direction.
Slow Breakup,
You're longing for affection.
Slow Breakup,
You cry on your own shoulder.
Spend the night, you're talking with a stranger.
You're at home in a bar then you go so far
Away from your home.
Maybe it's wrong, this isn't someone like her,
But it's someone all the same.
Slow Breakup,
All lonely inside.
Slow Breakup,
You lost your pride.
Slow Breakup,
Cry on your own shoulder.
But nobody knows what's the right thing to do,
Then it happens to you.
Then it happens...
Slow Breakup,
Cry on your own shoulder.
Slow Breakup,
On your own.
Slow Breakup,
Left with no direction.
Slow Breakup,
Longing for affection.
[Repeat and Fade]