"Turn, Don't Turn Away" lyrics - ART GARFUNKEL

"Turn, Don't Turn Away"

Two tears, my own
Fall on my collarbone
Roaming in shade in the north of France
Beneath where her shoulders meet
And the rivers dance

Two weeks, have flown
Like water runs over stone
Bicycle wheels through the fields of grain
To feel what I have to feel
Learn how to speak your name

And it's turn by turn
Every memory carries me on my way
If I return
Are you prepared to see all of me in every way
Turn, don't turn away

Two words, "I'm gone"
Your scent on my jacket lingers on
Lavender sunrise in Chateauroux
I wish I could paint it black
We do what we have to do


With one stroke of the brush I'd be back in LA
In our same day to day
But we're better than this
Don't the both of us know
Diamonds used to be coal, diamonds used to be coal

And it's turn by turn

The wheels on this gravel road
Tell me what I need to know