"Penalty By Perception" lyrics - ARTILLERY

"Penalty By Perception"
(Michael Bastholm Dahl / Morten Stutzer)

Right now you are closer to realize
Your life is built on walls so fragile
Cities will fall and mankind
We are left with nothing but our twisted minds

Twisted - Twisted minds - Twisted

We are owned and we are doomed now
This is the last straw and we know how
We treat our world as ourselves
Like slaves blessed in the seven Hells

Blessed in - The seven hells - Blessed in

Let the judgement come now - Come now
Penalty by the perception
End this torment right now - Right now
Penalty by the perception

We're lost in this dystopia
Under the poison rain and polluted skies
Brainwashed are all of these fools
We choke on force-fed lies, filth, corporate rules

Force fed - Corporate rules - Force fed