"Love Don't Make It Right" lyrics - ASHFORD & SIMPSON

"Love Don't Make It Right"
(Nick Ashford / Valerie Simpson)

Love don't always make it right
Love can't fill those empty nights
Love don't always make it right

Sometomes you gotta fight
To get it right
Sometime you gotta scream
Sometime you gotta act darn right mean

And turn the other way
Don't hear what they say
And if they ask you why
Look 'em dead in the eye and say


Sometimes you gotta fuss
Get serious
Sometime you kick back
Sometime you don't think before you act

Just turn on the heat
And don't be too sweet
Using common sense
Is no kind of defense


Sometimes you gotta fight for it
Sometimes you gotta have a fit
Sometimes you gotta open fire
Tell 'em just what you desire

Sometime you gotta get low down
Let off the steam
Sometimes you gotta get up tell them
Tell 'em what you mean because