"Love Or Physical" lyrics - ASHFORD & SIMPSON

"Love Or Physical"
(Nick Ashford / Valerie Simpson)

Seems like we're just sitting on a time bomb
I can't tell if you're the right one
'Cause my love is my only possession
And I've got to use some discretion
There was a time lovers used to play
There are the questions they ask today

Is it wrong? Is it right?
We must decide what we have here tonight
What makes you irresistible
Is it love or just physical?
Is it love or physical?
Is it love or physical?

I want to know before we go ahead
Where you've been sleeping and in whose bed
For it's the future that I'm making plans
Got no time for one-night-stands
Yes, I want you bad; there's no doubt
But there's a few things to talk about


You can touch, you can touch, but you can't have me
Not before I'm sure
Just as good, just as good to me as it is to you
But you don't know
I don't know, I don't know, I don't know what to do