ASHFORD & SIMPSON lyrics - So So Satisfied

"So So Satisfied"
(Nick Ashford / Valerie Simpson)

So full, so warm
Like being dried out
After the storm
Ooh, huh

New birth running
Running through my veins
Looks like that clear day finally came
Feeling high, aw

So, so satisfied

This must be
Must be all there is
'Cause only love brings
With it joy and tears

Yeah, listen, I, I won't try
I won't try to understand
There I surrender all into your hands

Ooh, feeling high
Aw, shucks
So, so satisfied
Ooh yeah, feeling high
So so satisfied

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Feeling high, ooh
And so so satisfied
Ooh, yeah

Feeling high
And so satisfied, yeah
So good
So, so good
So satisfied