ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL lyrics - I Hear Ya Talkin'

"I Hear Ya Talkin'"

[Verse 1:]
I hear you talkin' yes I do
But your talk, talk, talkin' don't ring true
I'm listenin', politely too
But I don't b'lieve a word you say

[Verse 2:]
I hear you talkin', telling lies
I could see 'em in those great big eyes
I hear you talkin' wise
But I don't b'lieve a word you say

You say that I'm your honey love
That I'm all you're thinkin' of
I hear you talkin' dove
But you ain't been foolin' me

[Verse 1]

[Lead break]

[Verses 1 & 2]


[Verse 1]

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