ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL lyrics - My Baby Thinks She's A Train

"My Baby Thinks She's A Train"
(Leroy Preston)

It's 3 am in the morning that train whistle is blowing
It sounds like some lonesome song got in my soul
My baby flipped the blanket, she won't be back no more
She makes a whistle stop then she's gone again

Sometimes it's hard, hard on a poor boy's brain
Poor boys brain, I'm telling you, boys
My baby thinks she's a train

Lawd, lawd, lawdy, the way she moves
Drags me round like an old caboose
I'm telling you boys thats girl's insane
My baby thinks she's a train

Choo, choo, ain't just some train sound
It's the noise that you hear when my baby hits town
With her long hair flying, man, she's hard to tame
What you supposed to do when your baby thinks she's a train

She eats money like a train eats coal
She burns it up and leaves you in the smoke
If you wanna catch her ride, you wait till she unwinds
She's just like a train, she always gives some bum a ride

My baby thinks she's a train