ASSASSIN lyrics - Nemesis


Nemesis hordes of hades
Are blasting over the earth
Saveness diapering
Frightening of the human

Death for the guilty one,
No hope is given to them
No mercy as a result,
Nemesis will punish them

Deathly breeze of wind
Plunging into the city
Unimaginable creatures
Arrived and spread
Out into their streets

Pain for the guilty one
Destruction is what they earn
After ruling a period of time,
Nemesis punish the:

Cruel which killed thousands
Of innocent lifes
Death to these old kings
Which slayed our children

Execution has begun,
The goddess decided to kill
Massacre creates a new world,
Blood has to be spoile

The horrors which are over
Exist not any longer
The humane race is saved,
Nemesis disappearing

How long would freedom stay?
Will Nemesis save us again
Or was it just a dream
Our goddess will:

Stay a myth forever remembered
We need her help to ever survive!