"Make It Sick" lyrics - ATTILA

"Make It Sick"

Second time and I'm back again
Back on the track, I'm about to formulate an ultimate sadistic attack
So free your mind, here's a remedy for misread introductions
It's a shame that people have it all wrong
Make it sick, prove them wrong and do whatever it takes to have fun
They'll be laughing- haha ha haha, and we'll go
On on on and again, cuz our beat will never end
You can't beat it you can't stop it, stick it in your pipe and smoke it!
And if you disagree, so what?

I don't give a fuck if you like this song
Is it heavy, is it heavy!?
I don't give a fuck if you like this song
Is it heavy enough for you?

Okay pull it together, we've got business to attend to
Don't take everything so literally
A party is whatever you make it out to be
Just have fun, make it sick!

Now that we got a better understanding, we can take it to another level
Can you understand where I'm coming from?
Do these words even make any sense?
Never take shit from anyone
Do whatever it takes to have fun
Stay happy, make it sick
If you don't get it, suck a nut!

We do whatever we want, and we will never give a fuck
If you like it or not!