"Change My Name" lyrics - AUDIO ADRENALINE

"Change My Name"
(Kevin Max / Seth Mosley / Mark Stuart)

Everywhere I went people knew my name
Written on my face were the scars of fame
I was known for the pride deep inside of me
But you knew the man I was born to be

You called me when I had no life
You reached me on a broken line
You found me when I had no home
You called me, You called me Your own

Go ahead and change my name
And write a new song with this broken man
I want a restart, so take my old heart
It's Yours to burn your brand

Go ahead and change my name
'Cause the old man is deep in the grave
No more chains, no more shame
My God I've been remade, change my name

Everywhere I go I want the people to know
I'm not hiding, got something to show
Now that I'm yours, got nothing to fear
I want a sign on my chest written perfectly clear