"Don't Censor Me" lyrics - AUDIO ADRENALINE

"Don't Censor Me"
(Barry Blair / Bob Herdman / Will McGinniss / Mark Stuart)

Pop, Bang, Boom, Pow
Kiss somebody and you take a bow,
Mouth full of potty,
You stretch, you flex,
You swim in your - -,
I'm tryin' to talk about G-O-D,
Why you want to censor me?

Take the salt of the Earth,
A city on a hill,
My light's twice as bright,
I'm gonna show you something real,
Don't (don't) don't (don't) don't (don't),
Don't censor me,

We scream, we shout,
We just want to let it out,
No fuss, and no cuss,
You're still trying to censor us,
Only one word shakes the Earth,
That one word holds the worth,
One word's G-O-D,
Why you want to censor me,


Don't censor me,
You can't shut me up,
So don't even try,

[Chorus 2x]