"Gloryland" lyrics - AUDIO ADRENALINE

(Barry Blair / Bob Herdman / Will McGinniss / Mark Stuart)

I've worked hard
And I'm ready for a long vacation
Got some money in my pocket
And I'm going down to the station
Saw a poster on a wall
And the place looked really nice
A man with a beard said
"Follow me I'll take you to paradise"

If you want to come with me there's room
There are no legal limits
There's always room for one more soul
So why not come and get it

I want to ride this train to Gloryland
So why don't you come up here and join the band?

Met the man with the beard
Halfway through Kentucky
He walked with me and he talked with me
Some people say I'm lucky
For that day the man I met payed the full price
Now I ride the train for free
The train to paradise