"You Should Be Taking Flight Right Now" lyrics - AUGUST BURNS RED

"You Should Be Taking Flight Right Now"

Walls are painted as a brightness surrounding the tired and desperate eyes of that figure standing on the edge
Can it pull its weight when it takes that step and spreads its lovely arms to free-fall without fear?
Shots in my direction dance with my life, danger in consequence makes me alive
Won't you take back the blood on the dirt, and place the breathing back in its source
The ambiance of this moment makes our tears run so cold
Why must you be the one to take the pain- my best friend, look at you now
They gave you a carved name reflecting back to their wet eyes
So just let go of regret
Your wings are linked to fly, but they may never take flight when you hold onto your regret
So just let go
In this pathetic struggle, this is what I say: We give our greatest efforts to strengthen our only surviving chances