AUTOPSY lyrics - Dirty Gore Whore

"Dirty Gore Whore"

You're going out for a walk
I follow closely from behind
In my hand I have a rock
To your skull it will grind
I take you back to my room
To have some fun before your doom
Little slices bring big pain
Some would say I'm insane

Your screams go silent in this place
Blood, tears and cum covers your face
One big slash across your chest
Blood splatters from breast to breast
I'll carve you a new fuckhole
And chain you to my toilet bowl
Won't kill you, but you'll wish you were dead
Keep you as my dirty gore whore instead

Rape you, kill you

[Lead - Coralles]

I'm your keeper, you belong to me
I control the world you see
Never again will you be free
I'm your keeper, you belong to me

[Lead - Cutler]

Dirty gore whore
Thrust my hips and my blade
Dirty gore whore
Consciousness begins to fade
Dirty gore whore
It's now time to find the next
Dirty gore whore
Fulfill my lust for blood and sex