AUTOPSY lyrics - I Sodomize Your Corpse

"I Sodomize Your Corpse"

Skin your carcass, stab your eyes
Battered corpse covered with flies
Stench of feces in the air
Bowels slashed for me to wear

Bloated body on the floor
Blue and bloody alive no more
Decomposing pile of trash
With a hammer skull I smash

Your body's ripped to bloody fucking pieces
No funeral, no fear, no remorse
I desecrate your pulverized carcass
I sodomize your corpse


Dick stuck in deep
I'm just a corpse-fucking freak
Slash your face as I cum
Pull out and watch the shit run

Pieces scattered everywhere
Walls spattered with blood and hair
Guts removed, torso remains
For me to rape again and again