"Angel" lyrics - AVRIL LAVIGNE


I'm no angel that's for sure
Just please tell me why are these things happening to me?
I really love you, 'cause there's no limit to that, no way, no way
She doesn't love you she's using you to show you off, to her friends,
But baby that's not me,

I guess I'm the Angel
The only one for you [You, you, you, you, you)
And if there was only [only] one thing I could do,
I wouldn't do it, because I love you, unlike her,
But why do you tourcher me?
I can't sleep at night baby
I was thinking I was your Angel

Two years from now I see the dance,
Looks like you gave our love another chance,
She's still lookin' at you, despise in eyes,
I now know I'm the Angel fo you
Now I know it's no lie (no lie),
I guess my mind wasn't joking [joking]
About that,

I'm the Angel, the one for you,
I'll tell no lies if you do that too,
But what if she steals your heart?
Then what do I do?

Baby, there's no stopping me from loving you
She didn't steal your heart yet,
What do I do till then?
I know I'm your Angel
The only one fo you
Angel... Angel...