"Game Of Sins" lyrics - AXEL RUDI PELL

"Game Of Sins"

On our way and bound for glory, we came across the seven seas
Doomed to succeed till we'll be hoary, no compromise before our own blood will freeze
Pulling an ace at the right time of our sleeves
Bad joker, can you believe?

Game of sins
We're out on a roll
Game of sins it's now or never
Game of sins no losing streak
Game of sins
Will we remember... the Game of Sins

Lost in a room with some wretches and drunken hookers screaming loud
After a while the tide was turning, the gamblers, the fools, pale faces all around
Bad luck, the dark side of the game, losing all, but who's the one to blame
All of a sudden all your friends are gone, will you remain strong?