"Wheels Rolling On" lyrics - AXEL RUDI PELL

"Wheels Rolling On"

Round & round wheels
R turnin!
All your life,
U been fighting 4 the day.
2 take the spotlight,
& steal the thunder,
& no one's gonna take
This time away.

It's all part
Of the passion,
Goin' all the way.

Wheels rolling on,
& they keep on turnin',
Wheels rolling on,
It's an everlasting road
That's here 2 stay

It's your time,
It's your destination,
Though u know that your
Back's against the wall.
But the lights are calling',
The night is screamin',
& now it's all 4 one
& one 4 all.

This night will last 4 ever,
Don't let it get away.
Wheels rolling on,
& the night is burnin',
Wheels rolling on,
Your heart is yearnin',