B.B. KING lyrics - Introductions


Bill, Bill

Hello out there. We're about ready to begin our program. It's a beautiful day in Chicago and we're going to have a wonderful time this afternoon. I want to acknowledge the presence of the man that made and named Mr. Winston Moore director, our own beloved Sheriff Woods.

[Scattered polite applause and then hearty boos and laughter]

[Woman, continuing:]
Now, another dear friend of all of yours out there is the Chief Justice of the Criminal Court, Judge Joseph Powell, who is present.

[Louder boost]

[Woman, continuing:]
Now B.B. King is known to everyone as the King of the Blues. He's been referred to as the Chairman of the Board of all the blues singers. He's been called The Man. But however, whatever we call him, I know him to be just a fine, warm human being full of humility. Would you please come forth, Mr. King.