"Doctor God" lyrics - B.J. THOMAS

"Doctor God"
(Johnny Christopher / Dan Penn)

Doctor God, Doctor God
Won't you give me an appointment
Been so long since I've had a check up
Can you squeeze me in today?

Doctor God, oh Doctor God
I know there's a long line waiting
Emergency situation
And I need you
Doctor God

Now I have come to seek the prophet, yeah
Can you tell me is he in today
Show me to the man with the healing hands
And tell him to come and take me by my hand
Don't you know I need, I need the Doctor
Right away

Doctor God, Doctor God
Can you forgive me for the way I've been living
Taking more than giving
I'm just tired of living this way

Doctor God, Oh Doctor God
Show me that road to salvation
And lead me away from temptation
And close the door to hate
Oh, Doctor God