"What A Friend We Have In Jesus" lyrics - B.J. THOMAS

"What A Friend We Have In Jesus"
(Charles C. Converse / Joseph Scriven / B.J. Thomas)

I been rocked to sleep many a night
To the tune of "what a friend"; come morning
"Rock of ages would waken me gently once again
Then dad, he'd reach up and take the bible down
And read it, read it loud and long
I always thought that maybe our home was blest
When daddy would say, "mama, sing a song."

Sister left home first, I guess
Then bob and then Tommy and then Dan
Then dad's hair was turnin' white
'N I had to be mama's little man
But it seemed that as daddy's back growed weak
Mother's faith just growed strong
And them were the greatest days of all, when mama sang a song

(Rock of ages, cleft for
Let me hide myself in thee.)
Ooh ooh ooh (through recitation)

I guess the house is still standing; I don't get back much no more
No voice is left to fill them halls
'N no steps to grace the floor
You see, my mama sings in heaven now
Around god's golden throne
But I'll always believe this world
Is a better place because, one time, my mama, sang, a song