B.W. STEVENSON lyrics - I Got To Boogie

"I Got To Boogie"
(Michael Smotherman)

Ooh I've got to boogie
Lord I've got to boogie
And if the boogie don't get you
Then baby you ain't alive

Yeah you get the feelin' on a Saturday night
Oh boy I just got paid
I know things have gone right over the hill
I got me a woman and I fought me a judge
And oh boy I want to dance
And I know some group
That can really, really lay it down

Ooh I want to boogie...

On in the night I got outta my car
Saw Billy Bob on the street
Calling my name and that yo-yo blacked my eye
I don't care 'cause my druggist has come
And I don't feel no pain
Just go on in I can junebug out my hair

Ooh I want to boogie...