"Intro (Girls Night Out)" lyrics - BABYFACE

"Intro (Girls Night Out)"
feat. Angie Martinez & La La Anthony

[Intro: La La Anthony, Angie Martinez, Babyface]
Angie, where are you at? Pick up the phone, girl, it's La La
Girl, come on. I just finished my show and raced over here to meet y'all
Why can't I see you?
How much longer you gonna be?
It must be bad reception-but anyway, I'm running a few minutes behind. It's not my fault, my Uber driver was late
I'm gonna go inside and get my drink on. Lots going on with the other girls. You gotta get here
I'm coming, I promise. What's everybody wearing?
I'm walking inside. You'll see when you get here. I'm gonna lose you
So, what are we drinking tonight, ladies?