"Unlucky Stuntman" lyrics - BAD ASTRONAUT

"Unlucky Stuntman"

You never wanted to be able;
You never wanted to be labeled;
You always wanted something stable.
Damn them and their eyes;
I can be pride,
Whenever they want.
Blake's broken leg
An unlucky stunt,
Just like Paul says,
Left of the dial,
They stare at the sun
And quickly lose sight;

I never wanted to be aimless;
I never wanted to be shameless,
And always I was acrophobic to
Wuthering heights,
But from the first frame,
It can be spliced,
The sound that you make,
The day that you break,
Perfect from now on.

(Anyone can see narrow
Bandwidth and low fidelity but
I know it always short lived success).

I never liked it to begin with,
I never wanted to be in it,
I never wanted to be in it.
Here's to everytime
I can be pride, whenever you want.
The failure to be
The dead industry
Nowhere to rise,
Nowhere to fall;
I don't wanna be
Some unlucky stuntman.

(I don't wanna be so unlucky).

I always wanted to be off the list; I
Always wanted to be off it.
Here's to your laugh, your lies.