"The Winner" lyrics - BADFINGER

"The Winner"

You can drive a car, be a movie star
Any day of the week
You don't have to shout or walk about
You just have to speak
Say baby, you just have to speak

You can fly a plane, maybe go insane
Any day that you like
Everyone'll say, "Have you been away?"
Everything is alright
Say baby, everything is alright

Here he come, that's a winner
Here he come, take a look, write a book
You can eat him up for dinner, yeah

You can run around over stony ground
Or lay in the sand
You don't have to show what you really know
We all understand
Say baby, we all understand

[guitar solo (Pete Ham, then Joey Molland)]



Baby, we all understand
Baby, we all understand
Baby, we all understand

(Yeah, we all understand) [7 times].