"Grey Ghost" lyrics - BARRY GIBB

"Grey Ghost"

Grey Ghost
She walks in the room
Sweet mother of mercy
Bloody murder
Nobody heard her
And then she was gone

She walks in the dark
She talks of her struggle
Tiny faces
People and places
All rolled into one

And the fact that anyone survived is
Still a miracle
That holy day the river came
And we prayed for the sun
And that what it takes is the act of faith
To keep the soul alive
I'm equal to the fight it seems
And I'm hanging on

Grey Ghost
She started to cry
Her nights getting shorter
Mary's daughter
Fell in the water
And now she is gone

Brave hearts
How far must you fall
Pulled out from the danger
Help me stranger
Dog in the manger
And under the sun

Is the fate of man in the hands of God
The reason ashes rise
And it's only love that never dies
And it's living on
And if there is a message for the world
It's still a mystery
And the fools are writing history
And the damage is done

So sad
This story is told
Hand down to the children
Tiny fingers
Melody lingers
And then she is gone