"Out Of The Shadows Of Love" lyrics - BARRY WHITE

"Out Of The Shadows Of Love"

Whoou, my dear, that isn't thunder that you hear
It's only the beating of my heart when you are near

For you are the light, the very light in me. (Oh, yes, you are.)
Without you, without you, darling I cease to be

Oh no, don't never end, no no no, baby

And, baby baby, that isn't raindrops on your face (oh no)
It's only the tears tears from my eyes when we embrace (oh yes)

Hey hey yeah, you're my happiness, my happiness from day to day
(Oh, yes, you are. Yes, you are. Yes, you are.) Forever, my darling
I pray you'll stay

Oh no, don't let it end, no no, baby

Yeah yes, out of the shadows of love I'm walking to light
It was you, it was you, you made the wrong thing right