"Forever Ever" lyrics - BASTILLE

"Forever Ever"
feat. Kate Tempest

[Intro: Dan Smith][2x]
I don't wanna talk about it
I don't wanna talk about it
I don't wanna talk about it
I don't wanna talk about it...

[Verse 1: Kate Tempest]
I see ahead of me a light that takes my breath
If we're only ever looking back then how can we expect
To see each other as we are for all that we've become
Would we be friends at all if we weren't friends when we was young?
I want to feel close to you for more than just the sake
Of the place that we grew up in, all them times when we got baked in the park
Look if you take me apart, you'll find half of me is you
But half of me is asking me to start anew

You look the same but I don't recognise you
I'm looking you dead in the face and I can't find you
Don't like the way we always talk in the past tense
You can't explain the present 'til you work out what the past meant

[Pre Chorus: Kate Tempest]
These are the days that bind us together forever
And these little things define us forever, ever

[Chorus: Dan Smith]
All this bad blood here
Won't you let it dry?
It's been cold for years
Won't you let it lie?

[Verse 2: Kate Tempest]
There's a man I've known for years and still to this day do I know him
I love him very much, it's very hard for me to show him
Back then and even now I feel there's something that I owe him
And that feeling should be going over time but no it's growing
We was kid mates making mistakes, playing give-take
Big hearts battling them big snakes rattling their tails
He was like the wind in my sails
I was like the water for his keel - it was real
It used to hurt my flesh that his worn scars are heated still
We used to hurt his flesh just to see if he could feel
To cut a long short, he was never really the strong sort
Got into the wrong sport - big swigs, long snorts
Caught in that spiral, saw attempts to help as spiteful
And soon he got so down that he got on the brown, word got around
People did not like the sound, they told me to stop popping 'round to see him
I kept disagreeing, soon he was a different being
He got into stealing, robbing, I still see him frequent, often
Eyes are throbbing, weeping, sobbing, freaking out when I speak about
The things that made him weak, 'cause that would stop his throat mid-sentence
Face would paint repentance but his actions spoke dependence
Friendship became difficult to say the least, he played the beast
So well I wondered how we'd ever make our peace
That's when we drifted - never argued - it just became clear:
The parts of him I loved so well had slowly disappeared, but...

[Pre Chorus: Kate Tempest]

[Chorus: Dan Smith]

[Bridge: Kate Tempest]
Ready or not, here I come - you can't hide
I'm gonna find you and take it slowly
Ready or not, here I come - you can't hide
I'm gonna find you and make you want me