BEASTIE BOYS lyrics - Jimmy James (Original Version)

"Jimmy James (Original Version)"

People How You Doin' There's A New Day Dawnin'
For The Earth Mother It's A Brand New Mornin'
For Such A Long WhileThere's Been Such A Longin'
But Now The Sun Is Shinin' Let's Roll Back The Awnin'

This Is A Type Of Kinda' Like A Formal Dedication
Givin' Out A Shout For Much Inspiration
All I Ever Really Want To Do Is Get Nice
Get Loose And Goof My Little Slice Of Life
Sendin' Out Love To All Corners Of The Land
I Jump Up On The Stage And Take The Mic In My Hand
I'm Not Playin' The Roll Just Being Who I Am
And If You Try To Dis Me I Couldn't Give A Damn
'Cause I'm..
"Rockin'" "Rockin'"
"Yea Get Down"
"Rock-Rock-Rock On"
"Rock-Rock-Rock On"

"Mic-Mic-Mic Control"
"Mic-Mic-Mic Control"
"Mic-Mic-Mic-Mic Control"

"Can You Get My Drift"
"Get On"

Bass From The Back Of My Car Feels Soothin'
A Bazookas Is What I'm Usin'
I'm Mike D And It's Been Proven
I Love It When I See The Party People Just Movin'
Strapped On The Bar Goggles And What Did I See
But The Music Brought The People Into Harmony

"Ah For The Black's, Puerto Ricians And The White People Too"

Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (1999)