"The Scoop" lyrics - BEASTIE BOYS

"The Scoop"
(Beastie Boys/Caldato)

I Don't Get Blind I Don't Drink Wine
Well Then I Took A Sledge Hammer And I Broke My Nine
Because My Life Is Mine Word Is Born I Rhyme
And Every Day I Write The Book Down Line By Line
I'm Feeling Good When I Do It Like This
So Come On And Turn It Up Because You Can't Resist
Because I'm Back With Another Track In Wich You Lack
'Cause Things Is Wack And That's A Fact
Because I'm On Time You're Shouting Rewind
You Know It's AdRock That's Blowing Your Mind
My Shit Is Rough And You Know It Is "So Damn Tough"
I'm Getting Intense Not Talking Nonsese
I Made Up My Mind Not Sitting On The Fence
I Don't Always The Right From The Wrong
Do My Best To Figure It Out And Work It Out In The Long
I Try To Do A Lot More Than I Can Chew
I Balance Out My Ambitions What I've Got To Do

"Check It" "Gotta' Believe It Y'all"
"Check It" "Gotta' Believe It Y'all"
"This Is Ralph And Tom"

'Cause You Hide In Broad Day Light A Parasite
A Hypocrite You Take A Peek Quick
You Turn Your Nose Up what You Think You're High Up uh
You Play It Real Safe And Now Your Shit's Fake
I Seen You Hawking And Then You Clock My Style
And Then You Try To Play It Off Like You Think You're Wild
D.I.Y. That Means Do It Yourself
I Don't Sit Around Waitin' For Someone's Help
I Don't Sit Back And Say Good Enough
I Keep On Striving Reinventing Keepin' It Off The Cuff
So I Kick The Level Up Cuhootnified
Mackadocius Vibes Positively Fortified
I'm Throwing Rhymes Down Kickin' Them Downtown
Traveling High Speed Through The Underground
I Kick It Free Style Make It Worth Your While
I've Got Shelves Of Rhymes That I Keep On File
I'm Feeling Good Now Back Home Again
Well New York City Is The City That I Feel At Home In whoo
A Blast From The Grasshoff Awhile It's Been
Stepping Into The Future Again yea
Uh And Now I'm Straight From 88
To 93 To 94 I'm Out The Door
Step Into The Party With The Fila Fresh Gear
People Looking At Me Like I Was David Koresh Here
Kicking Rhymes From The Heart 'Cause That's Where I'm At
Fuck The Bullshit Be It Far From Me To Pop That

In The Search For Truth I Go A Lot Of Ways
There's Not A Lot Of Peace That I Find These Days
I Try To Stay Cool I Try To Stay Calm
But My Life Is Getting Hectic Like A Smoke Bomb
So I'll Say It Like The Group Huggy Bear
There's A Boy-Girl Revolution Of Wich You Should Be Aware
You Can't Dis Me It Ain't Worth It B
You Put Yourself Down And You Don't Even See
Cause I Don't Play That I Know Who I Am
For A Minute I Did But Now I'm Back Again
I'm Feeling Strong See Trust Myself G
Well I Stopped Smoking Cheeba And That Was Part Of The Key
We We We've Got Fire We Need Water
There Ain't No Water So I Guess I Ought To
Leave You Broke In A Comatose State Of Mind
And I'm Blind And I'm Working Overtime So Check It
I Keep My Rhymes In My Little Black Book
And I Know You Wanna' Take Another Look

"This is Ralph And Tom"