"Fields Of Haar-Meggido" lyrics - BEHEMOTH

"Fields Of Haar-Meggido"

Observe the message from the darkside of the moon
Spectral warrior all in icy steel
As I proudly touch my cold weapon
The pagan steel sighs with the fullmoon

So the war has just began
Enslaved nations of the tombworld
Can finally reach their weapons

Evil arrives in glory, comes on the four winds
And the masters of hellthrones
Ride the darkness on devilwings
Forces of the earth unleash the storms

Final day is here my children
Lambs of Christ, my believers
We must destroy the reign of evil

And the holy armies of heaven rode the sky
All the angels saw the abyssic fire
And some of them threw the swords in fear
And fell down into the pit

[Hordes of the goatlord:]
Our mayhemic, bloody steel
With the thunders of the drums
Will crush the weak holiness

The forces gathered down the haar-meggido
Spilt with hate all the angels blood
In black chaos hell reigns

So we won together with the evil winds
Streams of blood flow through the land
Open for the sons of Satan