"Gradually" lyrics - BEN WATT


There wasn't a lightning strike
It just crept over me
Something about your love just got to me gradually
Like an autumn fire
A growing intensity
Something about your love just got to me gradually
Opposite in so many ways
Was that what it was about?
Were we always cut out?
Love is somewhere we go where we hope to be new
I was so wrapped up in you

But after all this time
Are we not who we used to be?
Has something about our love now changed gradually?
We travel at different speeds
Sometimes gathering pace
What are the signals that I misread in your face?
I look at it all and differences stand in the way
Making nothing okay
I ask myself am I imagining everything
Dark as a raven's wing

Barely getting through

Some days I lose touch with you
Strangers in all we do
No words are on your lips
We pass like silent ships
Can I prove we exist?
Where are the hours we missed?
This summer night is clear
I still want you near

Barely getting through

I don't know where I am
Or who I used to be