"Hendra" lyrics - BEN WATT


These runes are cold, but heavenly and the sun is shining
You know what they say about silver and lining
Oh, Hendra, oh, Hendra, I would walk this way again
'Cause you make me feel as right as rain

I wish I'd studied harder now, made something of myself
But instead, I'm just a shopkeeper but I mustn't blame myself
Oh, Hendra, oh, Hendra, there's still so much to gain
You make me feel as right as rain

All the self-help books, like the dance with life
Like the feel the fear and do it anyway
Sometimes, I have them right here in my hand
And think it's easier for you to say

But I must allow these feelings and just let them fall
But sometimes I turn the radio up so loud, I just to drown them all
Oh, Hendra, oh, Hendra, where love is plain
You make me feel as right as rain, as right, not as wrong as rain