BESSIE SMITH lyrics - Hustlin' Dan

"Hustlin' Dan"

Listen sportin' fellas, all you brown and black girls too
Tell you 'bout a black man, best that ever wore a shoe
Hustlin' Dan, he was my man

Talk about your lover, he can more than satisfy me
Master of my weakness, everything a man could be
Hustlin' Dan, oh he's my man

He was one good gambler, he would gamble anywhere
Knows the game and plays it, always plays it on the square
Hustlin' Dan, yes he's my man

Yes he was a hustler, round us calls him Hustlin' Da
Born down on the levee, was a rough and tumble man
Hustlin' Dan, mmm he's my man

He got sick one mornin', just about the break of day
Jesus was upon him, had to send my man away
Hustlin' Dan, he was my man

While he was in Dimsville, spendin' money all the time
Prayed to the Lord above me, "Please don' take that man o' mine
Hustlin' Dan, Lord he's my man!"

Since he's gone and left me, bought myself a big forty four
Gonna join my good man, I don't wanna live no more
Hustlin' Dan, Lord he's my man

The Complete Recordings, Volume 4 (1993)