"Everything Must Change" lyrics - BETH HART

"Everything Must Change"

Everything has changed
The sky don't shine or rain
Stars don't walk me home
So I go this road alone

But everything will turn
And the heroes feel the burn
And the outlaw speaks the truth
I was bravering by you
No, I'm not the same
But everything must change

Everyone is gone
The dogs don't get along
Cracks run through the wind
Can't live here, no one could
But everyone will come
With dreams and things they've won
Little women start to dance
Broken men get a second chance
No one is the same
But everything must change

I just wanna go
I just wanna go, go outside and roam
I just wanna see
I just wanna see the holy sun

Said and done
I can't wait no longer
Longer, longer...
Where is all the love?
Round here we all look up
And the love runs over the edge
And I just need a friend
And everywhere there's light
In the dying start to fight
And the ashes blow away
It's the most beautiful day
When it's time to say goodbye
Sweet mother, don't you cry
There'll be no more pain

'Cause everything must change
Everything must change
Everything must change