"F.U.N.K." lyrics - BETTY DAVIS


Funk funk y'all funk
Ow help me nigga now help me
I was born with it
I will die with it
Because it's in my blood
And I can't I can't get enough so I so I
Danced to the music
And a sang a simple song
I was thankful and thoughtful
Sly Stone came along
'Cause he took me higher
And he made me see
I had inner visions of a young man named Stevie
Stevie Wonder
Tina Turner
Al Green
Ann Peebles
They were born with it
And they're gonna aah they're gonna leave here
With it because it's in their blood
And that's why I want you to help me nigga now
Help me
Barry White
Larry Graham does it right
Isaac Hayes y'all
The O'Jays singin
Some people got to have it
Some people really need it now
Some people will do anything
For the love for the love of that stuff called money now
I'm gonna tell ya about a man
He had a lot of feelin in his hands
And his name was Jimi Hendrix y'all
Jimi Hendrix was his name
He could make that guitar walk
He could make that guitar talk now
He could make that guitar sing
Jimi yes he could make it do anything anything
He used to say Foxy Lady
He used to say ahh Betty Betty
I'm gonna getcha now ow
Aretha Franklin can't she sing it
I said Chaka Khan don't she swing it
The Funkadelics can't they do it
And when you hear Skin Tight you wanna get into it
Funk funk y'all
Funk funk y'all