"Kitty Empire" lyrics - BIG BLACK

"Kitty Empire"

The Emperor makes his rounds
Master of all Cats

Fat in the Midwest
Emperor rolls his little balls

Says hi, to his pal Walter
For all that smoking in the backyard

The neighbors do not understand, he's an aberration
Even makes a funny noise

He plays great hunter with a ball-point pen
When the cat's away, ah, it's a regular rat day
When the rat's away, ah, King Cat, King Cat can play day

I jump around, with my wang in the wind
It flops around
You admired it
I am your neighbor now
You can't stop me now

If you service me, I will eat what I am given
If not, then all I want is something else

You'll do anything for me
In exchange, I'll piss on everything you value

I am the Emperor of Cats
I do what I want now, cats
I do what I want now, cats
I shit outside if I want to

All a part of my, ow, kitty empire