"I Wonder If God Likes Country Music" lyrics - BILL ANDERSON

"I Wonder If God Likes Country Music"

We were tunin' up to play a gig just another one night stand
I looked over my guitar and there stood an old man
His cowboy clothes were frayed and worn and his boots were far from new
He said I'd like to sit in with your band I'm a country singer too
Well we just had a big laugh
And when I looked back at the old man there was a tear in his eye
I told the band to cool it I didn't wanna see him cry
He reached down and he took my guitar with a determined look on his face
But as he started to play and sing a look of sadness took its place
He said I've sang my songs from Maine to California
Seen the world through the window of a car
I never saved a dime back when I made it I always thought someday I'd be a star
But now my voice is cracked and no one wants me my wife gave upon me years ago
It's been so long my kids don't even know me pickin' and singin' is the only life I know
And then he said
I wonder if God likes country music will there be a place up there to sing my songs
Will he make my fingers nimble like they used to be
So I can play the chords and sing along
I just stood there none of us really knew what to say
He took my guitar and he put it down ever so gently
And then as he started to turn and leave
The band stood up and applauded and I can still hear his words today he said
I wonder if God likes country music...