"Watching You, Watching Me" lyrics - BILL WITHERS

"Watching You, Watching Me"

Watching you watching me
It's so easy to see
That it's my loving you
That puts the starlight in your eyes

Watching me watching you
It's so obviously true
That it's you loving me
That makes my life a paradise

When lovers meet and light a spark
Their eyes give the game away
Somehow it's a feeling you can never hide
No matter how hard you try

When lovers speak it's from the heart
And all the things they say
And part of the magic and the mystery
You year it in a gentle sigh


The times that we had, the fun and games
The things that I can't forget
We share those very special memories
All lovers can smile about

And I'm so glad that you feel the same
And there's nothing to regret
It's great what a simple love affair can do
To bring all those feelings out


There's a language spoken only by lovers
Words and phrases that they make with their eyes
You might try it but you never can change things
Love won't compromise

Let's celebrate what life's about
Let's sing out the melody
The words and the music to our song of love
Are sweeter than anything

'Cause if we wait we might lose out
On things that were meant to be
With all of the secrets that the heart can hold
Left dangling on a string