"Be Kind To The Boy On The Road" lyrics - BILLY BRAGG & WILCO

"Be Kind To The Boy On The Road"

Who is that boy on the white winding highway?
Why does he roam alone?
Is he looking for life on that white winding highway?
For his parents dealt him trouble at home

You might think he's wrong standing there on that highway
O' what a foolish young lad!
But you yourself might be standing on that highway
If you'd had his troubles on your hands

Don't point your finger at that boy on the highway
As you travel down this road
Either give him your help or pass him with kindness
'Cause he's got all the trouble that he wants

Your policeman discourages that boy on the highway
It's heard everywhere that he goes
But the best way to help that boy on the highway
Is to fix all your troubles there at home

I've heard it said 'bout rolling stone boys
They gather no moss in their life?
I'll tell you the bee that gets the honey
Ain't the bee that hands around the hive

Oh be kind to that boy on that white winding highway
As you travel on there alone
Remember the men that wrote your Bible
Are the men who gave up their homes